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The "Web Log" or "Blog" has become an essential part of the Internet.  People are using it to communicate with others with the same interests.  They could express their own opinions and the format allows others to make a comment if the owner of the blog wants them to. Then marketers got involved selling items specific only to that specific niche blog.  People have fallen in love with the format and Google loves people with money to spend.  It works out well all the way around. 

Now people and marketers are using blogs as a full blown website.  Webmasters are making Niche Websites or Blogs with Google Adsense ads on the side.  This way Google is picking up on  the websites niche keywords and shows ads that are similar to the niche.  This way the blogger gets paid if the visitor clicks on the links that interest them.  They also have put Paypal links so people coming to their site can purchase the product they have to offer.  Clickbank products also proliferate on these sites.  This is how everyone makes a little extra money from their blogs.

People that already have business websites but no blog are loosing the traffic Google use to send their way.  This is because Google is choosing to send the traffic to the sites with blogs and review sections.  Google wants interaction with the Internet visitors.  They feel this is what makes a website important and deserving of a higher ranking.  If you want to survive the Internet market then you have got to learn how to blog.  It isn't as hard as you might think.  Write a lot of articles and upload them a couple times a week.  It is great for your ranking.  Ask your friends and family to make some comments as well.

Start Your Own Blog.  We won't be going to much into how you can start your own WordPress blog by setting it up from the Cpanel of your hosting account.  At least not for awhile.  You can check our Tutorial Section for a quick video link on how to do this.  For now we are more concerned about what you will put into a blog.  So in our coming issues we will cover what you can do in a blog.

The reason we won't be going to much into how to set one up because we offer a system that is so fast and easy you won't need to know all the technical stuff.  Our BlogCast product lets you have a regular blog.  or go high tech by adding audios and/or videos. Now you have a BlogCast.  You are now a BlogCast Personality and can share with people what you know.  You are your own Radio or TV station.  One can easily connect to RSS feeds which allow you to connect quickly to other sites with your business Urls and Links along for the ride.  Google sees this and starts ranking your business site higher.  When that happens they start sending more traffic and customers your way.

Our BlogCast allows you to pick a different name or create a subdomain to your existing site.  Take what we did as an example of this.  We made it easy on our site by using the name DomainZblog.com.  We could just as easily created a subdomain in our DomainZstore site.  Our blog site was up and running in under an hour.  You can do this to.  So why go through all the time and grief to set up a blog when you can get one from us for a very reasonable rate?  You can spend your extra time getting up some Paypal links to that blog site to sell your hand made chairs or dolls.

BlogCasting has made the Internet come alive.  Now you can find the information you need quickly from blogs and the people contributing to them.  You can give your advice and experience to the people that are looking for it from the search engines.  Is it such a bad thing if you make money while helping people find what they want?  Start BlogCasting now.

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