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Why Buy From Us?

What makes DomainZstore different from all the other Registrars? Why buy here from us?  We are a store with heart. We know what a successful web business really needs. We offer low prices and a service with an engine behind it that can stomp the competition. We have a system setup where you can maintain hundreds, thousands of domains. You can quickly change the DNS of your name to point to your host in minutes 24/7. You can set up a blogcast in 15 minutes no matter what time it is. We send out reminders when your name is expiring.  No playing around with your name like so many scam registrars. No more long delays waiting for the DNS to point to where your site is hosted.  The name is always under your control from our site.  We have software and services that really work to build your business at very low prices.

We do one thing and we do it well. Provide your business with easy purchases and transfers for your domains. So if you are into buying and selling hundreds of domains we can do it without you even breaking a sweat. You can even buy buy names or transfer them in bulk saving your business even more money.

We give helpful suggestions for the domain you are looking for when you use our Domain Look Up. This way if you are trying to find a name to set up for your new niche site we make suggestions to open up the throttle of your imagination. It takes minutes to find all the names that are fit for all your new keyword, niche or plr sites.  You can even buy a higher priced top brand domain instantly from clients who are selling them. This may help get your business started quickly with a great keyword name.  All of these services and suggestions are organized and interweaved with our domain lookup service.

You can set all your names to renew on the same date making it easier to plan your expenses and save you money.

We have made things easier and faster to get your domain up and running. We know what it takes to bring customers to your site so we made it easier to start your business at the very beginning so you can build a proper foundation. It all starts with your name. That is why we have simplified and cut everything down to work simply and efficiently for you.

After you get the name you need to drive traffic to the site. We offer blogcasts and trailblazer to get you started. We have fast ways to get a site and shopping cart up and started. In fact as you get larger we know you may leave some of our services. Some of our best customers soon out grow our hosting but no matter how big they are most keep their blog here because it is easy for them to operate as are many of our foundation services. The fact is most do not want their hosting and name registration on the same site we understand that and love it when businesses grow. Yet everyone has to start somewhere. Google doesn't care how fancy your graphics are all they see is the content. So starting a site here makes sense until you see customers barreling in on your site. We offer quick and easy solutions for you to make the move with little effort.

People need to get into the car and drive off. They shouldn't have to spend hours knowing what makes the car run. Get to where you want to go first and then look under the hood. We have many people starting their buisness here knowing that when they learn how a cpanel works or fantastico they will go to another host. These services allow them to set up other options like CMS content sites like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress blog, Tech Support Sites and so many other opportunities. Yet many put off their goals for years when they can start out with us and have a site and video blog in an hour. The facts are all that matters is content and the marketing. The marketing includes making your site user friendly and having some information or entertainment to offer along with your product. Sometimes that takes months to perfect and test out what brings in people. There is a time factor involved in making money on the net and you're not making money if you spend years learning how to program a site than can go zero to 60 faster than anyone else. It is like the turtle and the rabbit. A successful site just needs to get started and you need to start building your list of niche customers. That is why DomainZstore was built and what we enjoy doing for others.

Our goals and efforts are to make our customers successful at what they are doing. That is why we offer inexpensive SSL certificates and so many other services so you can get your foundation off to a good start. We are proud that so many big name sites still use us as their registrar. It is exciting to watch them grow.

Now we have started to try to get the little guy some help and information on how to make money on the net. The reasoning behind it is because we are mainly a name registrar. If our customers outgrow our hosting they still will have their names and other services with us. It is like the teenager that finally takes off to school. Our customers still are keeping in touch as we watch their efforts pay off.

So we will be putting up much information to help your business get off the ground. Our site is now divided into two sites. Click on the store to get down to some no nonsense business. Stay on the front page to get the information you need to know to get your business started. Please contribute when you can to our blog. If you ask tech support questions on the Blog realize that customers are allowed to give you some helpful suggestions. The blog will always be seperate from our actual tech support. At times you may want to pick the brains of our customers so you can see what others are doing. We believe in this need to communicate using the blog. If you want to be successful don't make every mistake there is to make all by yourself because there is not enough time for that. Learn from the mistakes of others as well and save yourself some time. Use the blog. It is there we hope you tell us what you need and we will try to get you that service or information.  So why use us and what makes us different?  Because we are really here just to serve you.


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