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Videos and Audio

Giving people what they want on the Internet will make your store successful.  They not only get on the internet to find a specific item they need but they also get on for information and to be entertained.  One cannot kick the tires of the product they need from the internet.  So what we marketers have to do is give them content, information, audios and videos so they can see this is the product they were looking for.

Video and Audio are the future of the Internet.  Technology has made it simple and fast to get your movie camera out and film the car you have for sale.  You can easily put it up on any site or even Ebay.  Learning it is easy but people still need to do it once or see how it is done.  We have dedicated this section of our site to get you information on getting your Video up and running.  We will also have products that we have tried and recommended on these pages.

We hope to expand the site with reviews of the best products we have found to work getting video or audio up on your site.  We hope you will freely give your comments and suggestions on the blog for our readers as well.  You can also email us.  It is a fact that what you give out to others you will get back in return.  So feel free to share your knowledge and experience here with us.

Some of the best items we have found can be purchased on links we have provided.  We hope to get inexpensive products as well.  If sellers are willing to give our customers a special price we would be glad to provide them a link to our pages.


We hope to have discussions here on Camtasia and some of the cheaper softwares (like Camstudio and others) that get the job done on getting a video tutorial up on the web.  You need customers to see what you have to offer and hear what is in it for them.  So we will be putting up more and more of this information.

Best Start Up Video Software

To get you started though we have one major recommendation that most of the marketers on the web are using right now to get video sites up.  This doesn't create the video for you.  It just makes a complete site  that you can add video to right now from other sources like YouTube.  The best most complete website creation software for businesses that is easy to use is XsitePro2.  We say this knowing it does have it's limitations.  Yet what it can do gets a newbie up on the web so fast it blows your socks off.  You can dazzle people with your website using Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expressions.  In a business where time and effort is important XsitePro2 is the software you can start out with and make money.

Your can put up great graphics, pages, content, video and audio up on your site quickly.  Isn't that what a website is all about.  Newbies sometimes have problems customizing XsitePro2.  Yet all it takes to fix the problem is to change a setting in that layout or make the graphic smaller and you will find it works out just fine.  Once you are comfortable with it you will be making sites in hours and putting them up quickly.

Many product sites already have videos up on the web.  This software allows you to link to them or YouTube. Your site can now have video up and running within hours.  You can also download the videos onto your PC using the browser Foxfire and one of its downloading plugins.  You can get the downloaded flash movie and put it on your own site with Xsite Pro.  Just watch your bandwidth.  If you start getting to many customers you may have to move your movies over to a cheap image host provider like the one Amazon offers.  Then you can link the movie to your site still intact. The good news about that is if you have that much bandwidth going out you should be making money.  If not fix it so your site starts paying it's own way.

So this can be one of your most important Video softwares.  What good is a video if you can't get it on the web.


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