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Welcome To The DomainZstore.                     


We hope to get a lot of tutorials up showing you some of the most basic things needed to get a website up quickly.  Of course the fastest and quickest way is to use our Website Creation (Website Tonite) tool in our DomainZstore.  This can easily be purchased when you buy your domain name.

Website Tonite does have it's limitations but when time is of the essence and you are new to webcreation software this is the ticket.  You can start testing  out the waters in one hour.  Get your ideas up and running in less than one day.  Then you can start marketing it to see the response you get. Start shaping it and remolding it until it is running smoothly. Then you can a webdesigner or make the site you need yourself.  By then you will know what you really need.

We know eventually you may out grow this service but then again if a squeeze page is all you need this service can be your lifeboat.

So on these pages we hope to get you information on using some of the services we offer and how to make money from them.  Of course we will also provide information on terms you need to know like DNS, FTP, and MySQL.  If you are more advanced let us know what you would like to see on these pages and we will do our best to get them up.

Some of the best tutorials on the basics of getting your site up and on marketing are already out there for you to purchase or download.  We will try to get the links here for you as well.  First off we found some videos that are really worth a lot of money and very valuable to you as a marketer.  They were made by marketer Jermaine Griggs.  The information they offer is priceless to the advanced student as well as the newbie.  I tried to get a hold of the author but the only means I had was to sign on to his blog and wait for approval.  His site and tutorials are sold out right now but that may change.  Watch his videos and see what you think of them.  See if you don't agree with us that they have a lot to offer here for you.

We found these videos from Nitty Gritty Marketing at  http://www.nittygrittymarketing.com/videolist1.html.  We found the same videos linked to many other websites. 

Tutorial 1: Why People Buy.  Marketers need to know this and feel personally what motivates people to buy.  Once they get in the flow they pretty much know how a website should flow and be set up.  A must video.


Tutorial 2: Cover all your bases.  Practical information to help you start and run your business.


Tutorial 3:Become a One Minute Programmer.  Our hosting at DomainZstore is a engine similar to GoDaddy.  So you will not have a Cpanel.  An account at DomainZstore is ideal to get started with though and easy to work with.  If you grow enough where you would want a Cpanel we would recommend a Cpanel account with www.WebMogulHost.com.  Of course you can use what the video recommends as well.  At the time we put this together we couldn't link to their in house hosting to test it out.


Tutorial 4: The Four Step Sales Process.  Jermaine Griggs gives much insight for you to be able to make a sale online


Tutorial 5: Find Your Niche.  This article is for those that want to make Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay Affiliate money.  People are quietly making money everyday through this process.  They open up hundreds of sites Carefully planning out what they will put on the site and who they will want to reach.  These marketers are earning money everyday by affiliate links and offer products on each site as well.


Tutorial 6:The Basics of List Building Marketing.  If you think that when you make the sale your job is done you're mistaken.  If you don't keep a list of those visiting your site and keeping in touch with them you are leaving the real money on the table.  The list is how millionaire's are made.  It also takes an average of about 7 email contacts with a customer before they actually make the purchase.  So this part of marketing you have to learn very and implement it so you can to really start earning from your website.


Tutorial 7: The Basics of Converting Your Pospects.  This is an art in itself.  People think that all they have to do is put a website up and sit back as the money rolls in.  You can't sell anything if people don't know about your site to buy anything from you.  Once you get people visiting you will be surprised to find that you can get thousands of visitors and nobody buying a thing.  This is when you have to go back to the basics and find out what you are not doing.




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