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The Only Advice You'll Ever Need!

By Dylan Loh



Sounds like a BIG promise eh? You must be wondering what tip is that :)


Before I talk about it, let me ask you this



Do you ever get caught up in the hype surrounding a product and actually buy the product because of that?


A good guage to measure if you fall into that category is to take stock of all the products you've got and see if you've actually read or used all of them well.


You see, Manuel, A LOT of people fall

into the trap of chasing that next hot 'tip' or 'secret' that would guarantee them a lifetime of riches...IT IS DANGEROUS!


And honestly, this is what fuels the entire industry.


Ironic that an Internet marketer like

me would say something like that...But that is the truth, and as my customer, I don't want to hold anything back from you.


There is a way to break out of this vicious cycle.




That is the best tip I can give you and really, that is the ONLY tip you'll need.


Fact is, there are gazillion ways of making money online and everyone of them could work for you BUT nothing will work if you are not FOCUSED enough and if you keep spreading yourself too thinly trying to follow too many things!


Today it's article marketing, tomorrow it's co-regs, the next is social marketing, the next is Adwords...


Don't fall into the trap of chasing that next magic pill, there is *NO MAGIC PILL* ! You ARE the magic pill itself.


My advice is this:


1. Find ONE method.

2. Focus and work hard on it.

3. Make some money.

4. Move onto the next method.

5. Wash, rinse & repeat!


Keep believing and never stop taking action!



Dylan Loh



Note:  The above was an email sent out by Dylan Loh.  Everyone in Internet Marketing is aware of Dylan's abilities to make big money on the internet.  So when we got this email most likely on his autoresponder and sent out to everyone, we stopped in our tracks.  His sentiments are true and actually very real.  We have this email hung up on our wall. 


Then it occurred to us that if we liked it so would our customers.  So let's stay focused and start taking action. 


 Thank you,

Manuel De La Paz


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