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We were designed to help our customers make money with the services we offer. We have made our services low in price, organized, fast, quick and efficient. You will find that what we have to offer is built just for those who want to make money on the internet. It was built for those that want to:

  • Start up a Mom and Pop Business 
  • Buy and Sell Domain Names 
  • Set up Quick Squeeze Page Sites 
  • Create Niche Sites or Hobby Sites 
  • Upload Information or Article Sites 
  • Make money with Adsense or Affiliates 
  • Start up a Internet Web Store 
  • Buy keyword names for the search engines 
  • Create many Info Sites around your Store 
  • Set up family Photograph sites 
  • Create private or member password sites 

Some Newbies may be even wondering why would anyone want to do some of the things listed above. Because you can make a living doing any of the things listed. We hope to explain how it is done on our website. The information presented here may be limited so we hope our customers will use the blog to explain to others how this can be done.

No matter what business or niche you find yourself in all that is really important is that people find you. Google and other search engine sites can help you do that but they basically want something from you in return. They put first more than flash and pizzazz is that you have information  to give to all your prospective customers. You need content . You also need to be interactive  and social  that is where a blog comes in. Other sites must be linked to you that is why people will buy keyword name sites linked to their main store. (We hope to explain all this in our articles.) People also use Adsense, Click Bank or affililiates like Amazon  or Ebay  to make money with their sites. Even when you do this you may still engage in all the other things we have mentioned to get the search engines to send people your way.

The Internet has so many wonderful things to offer. Marketers who have used Direct Mail find that when you use the Internet properly you get a better response rate. We ourselves consider a 1% response on Direct Mail to be successful. Yet when everything is clicking we can get as high as a 35% response rate on the Internet. Businesses are now using the two together. The Internet brings them good prospects and Direct Mail is the follow up. This saves tons of money because now postage is used for customers that want to buy from you or want your catalog.

You and your business can get the same response now. One just has to get started now working the internet so it will keep bringing in your customers. We are not talking about paying for customers by advertising. Once you stop paying for ads your customers will be gone. We are talking about buying keyword names, building your sites with content quickly and easily. We are talking about getting those creative juices flowing and trying new things that your customers will enjoy. If you start giving customers on the internet what they want now, you will not only make money but you will build a business that will keep giving to you and your family in the future.

Just think about it your future and earning power on the internet all starts out with a name. That is why we are here for you. We are truly your Complete Business Solution. We are the DomainZstore .

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