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How to Make Money with Google Part 2

Or how to become a Web Mogul in 2 Weeks.

Yes you can make money with Google.  The first taste or experience a marketer has with Google is usually not a pleasant one.  Most of the books out there are on buying keywords and getting traffic to the site you are promoting.  When you don’t test your sites, ads or the companies from whom you are buying advertising from for effectiveness all you usually see is your bank account start to shrink.  These pay for clicks can suck your funds dry quickly if you don’t know how to do it correctly.  Usually one should leave this form of advertisement to those with money to burn.  Rule of thumb: If you can’t test it or see where your money is going don’t do it.  Let’s try another approach to earn money from Google.

Squeeze Page Money Maker.  Let’s say you have an affiliate program that is going to launch.  You want to ride on its launch coat tails.  So you quickly set up a launch squeeze page.  Then get some PLR info or eBook on a similar subject.  Write your own report or just get one to give away.  While everyone else is directing people straight to their affiliate link you are siphoning off the majority with a free report.  You are collecting their emails and names before you even give them anything.  Give them a taste of what they will get from this product launch on your site and free report.  Then have a link to your affiliate website on the website, report or follow up email.  Now you have addresses for all future endeavors and launches.  Then you start to make the real money by offering them OTO (One Time Offers), Back end sales of eBooks, products or samples.  You have to think all this out carefully and have everything in place before the launch.

This is how you make money.  If you try to survive just on the one sale alone you may starve or go broke first.  The reason you do this is because you will have a lot of competitors all selling the same product.  The slice of pie suddenly becomes thinner.  So you have to find a way to break away from the crowd.  So now when Google sends people to your Squeeze Page you will be getting more bangs for each dollar spent to get them there.  At times you may have to ambush your customers.  Put a squeeze page in spots they may be surprised to see when they get there.  Advertise PLR packages on your "Success Pages".  Even on the failure pages put something that your customers need to have to survive in the business world.  Take advantage of the 404 pages.  These are error pages that come up when people type a name that doesn’t exist on your site.  Put a backend offer on this page so they can see the offer even if one of your links fails.  If you do this you are really starting to learn the craft of marketing.

The reason we do it this way is because this is the Google way.  When they go to Google looking for the product you have a free report on the very item they are looking for so they can buy it.  Google loves free reports so you are up there with the big dogs.  They are paying money for all the top keywords for this product.  Where you are offering something that is even better than the eBook they are looking for.  You are giving them a free eBook.  People are always looking for the bonus’ that come with buying a certain product.  Now you can get them even more info on the backend.

The big advantage of doing it this way is you are prequalifying all your customers.  They know they want to buy this book by the time you send them from your Squeeze Page to your Affiliate website for the sale.  So you should have everything set up by then.  Your autoresponders should all be set up with follow up emails.  They should include not only the download link but offers for other products as well.  The autoresponder is one of the most valuable tools you have to make money.  I have used other responders only to find after a thousand visitors that they stopped working correctly.  Since then I have mostly stuck with Aweber.  I suggest you try them out as well.

With everything in place you will be building a high quality list and selling products at the same time.  Let the others pay for the high dollar keywords while you are getting driven buyers.  Watch the bank accounts of some of your competitors dwindle their accounts to nothing for a change.

You can also reduce the amount of money you spend on Google by buying keyword URL names.  Having the very same keywords in your name that people are looking for will help you get traffic Get several names so you can send people to different landing pages.  This way you are also testing which site gets a better response then change all the others appropriately.  I would even check out some of the other sites that people are visiting.  Is it their keyword name that is helping them?  Then copy their success.  If they have a site called “adwordshotline.com” or “adwordssuccess.com”, come up with a similar name.  Even putting a slash in the name may bring Google searchers to your doorstep.  Use a name like “adwords-success.com” or if you get desperate adwords-hot-line.com.  That is if someone already took “adwords-hotline.com”.  Using slashes may get you some extra clicks for your extra landing pages just because of the keywords you did use.

Next week we'll have info on how to bid for those keywords when you are trying to get customers to all your different squeeze pages.

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