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Make Money With Google

Or how you can be a Web Mogul in 2 weeks.

Part 1

Have you been beating your head against the wall trying to figure why you cannot get customers or make money on the Internet?  Don't give up just hang in there.  There really are ways to make money if you just stay focused and concentrate on each project until you are done.  Then go on to the next project.  Don't think because now your store is open that the money is going to come rolling in.

Internet Marketing is a continually project.  If you stop to wait for the money someone else will already have passed you by and take your customers with them. One has to be continually learning and moving when it comes to being a success here.  You can't even afford to stop and moan over your failures.

Just to show you how fast things change even when you do things right and you find a motherlode because of your hard work.  I always remember one case in point.  It was of a man that found the perfect product to sell on Ebay.  He had a supplier in China and a lot of people on ebay just giving him their money.  The company in China saw how successful he was so they opened a website so they could cash in as well.  Now he was trying to compete with his own exclusive supplier.  Needless to say he had to close the doors on this project.  Using the experience he had gotten he moved on to his next big project.  It to started to pay off.  The lesson here is the Internet success and the customers are fleeting unless you keep thinking, moving and planning how to keep the customers buying and coming back.  When you get a customer you have to start making them your customer for life.

Income Strategies.

There are so many ways to make money and attract customers that they are to numerous to mention all on one article.  So let's start with some of the basics.

Write Articles.

There are hard ways to make money on the Internet.  Like filling out surveys.  This takes time away from important things and could leave you starving if that was all you were relying on for income.  One of the fastest ways is to just start writing articles.  If you already have a site then write articles to bring traffic to that site.

The Two most important things you have on the article you write....is your name and link.  If you are going with affiliate marketing then write articles concerning the product you are pushing.  You may need to get your own website or domain name.  Our home page (DomainZstore) was designed to get the creative juices going so you pick a great name with keywords in the url. The domains are cheap so you can buy many different names for different products you are pushing.  Also check your keywork links on this site so you can know the keywords that people are interested in.  That way you have a site that will attract people.  Use the Google Tool links on this site.

Why do I need a website when I just write articles?  Some sites you submit the articles to will not let you put your affiliate link (like www.ezinearticles.com) to a product you want to sell at the bottom of the article.  Plus some affiliate links look bulky and ugly.  Without even putting up a website you just forward your customers to the affiliate link you were given.  If you wrote an article on warts you give them some good information but come short so they will buy the ebook you're selling.  They click on the your link Wartguru(whatever).com and DomainZstore will forward them directly to the affiliate website that has the book for sale.  You got your commission.

DomainZstore has many tutorials about forwarding your site to another so it should not be difficult.  At least do it as soon as possible so you get the mistakes out of the way and can see how easy it is to forward a website.  We can help you as well.

Forward Your Link with Hard Code.  If you have no problem putting up a page then make a webpage with the following code.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">



<title>The Page Title You Choose</title> 

<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url= http://affiliatesiteyouchoose.com"></HEAD> 


Optional: Anything you want to say.


Of course fill in your own affiliate link and ID to the code above.  This will take them to the affiliate website and get you paid when they purchase the item.  You will find that people visiting your site will be taken directly to the affiliate site you have entered in this hard code.  You can still enter the DNS section of the DomainZstore and forward your address but the ability to hard code a site so as to forward a domain is a trick all the big guys use to use.  In the old days it would take awhile to get your registrar to forward a domain.  Doing the hard code on a website cut the middle man out completely.  No fuss, no muss, no errors.

You are now entering the secret chambers of all the big marketers.  You need to learn all there tricks and methods on how to make money.  This is just one of many ways to start making money online.  You may wonder how does writing articles and submitting them to blogs and www.ezinearticles.com get you money?  It gets you traffic with people who are already interested in the product you want them to buy.  Do the math and you will see that getting customers to your site is a real opportunity.

I said you could be a web mogul in two weeks, right?  Well how many customers does your site get right now?  If you write an article a day for 2 weeks and get 25 people a day following the link, that is 350 visitors in two weeks. Your clicks grow exponentially though as people still keep coming to your site.  Of course you don’t sit idle.  You keep writing more articles and your traffic keeps growing.  If you get just a thousand visitors in a month and 10% buy netting you an affiliate payment of $1.00, ( I am ridiculously low balling it so you can sense the reality here),you’ll make a hundred dollars.  How is that for an $8.00 domain name and a $5.00 hosting fee for the month as well.  Realistically you can expect an extra thousand from your work if you have done your homework for keywords correctly.  Some items (porducts) will pay out up to $30.00 to you for each sale.  This would bring in $3,000.00 in a months time.  I must emphasize that you have to keep repeating the process so when one source starts to dwindle you have a new source bringing in traffic.

Of course there are other things you can do to increase the money you earn.  Like creating a mailing list and sending them your new offers on a regular basis.  How to do this is mentioned elsewhere on this site.  For now we are concentrating on the ways to make money with Google and offers (like from  Amazon, Clickbank, etc.).  Next issue will be on yet another way to make money with Google.  See you then.

Bodie Cummins

Sales, www.bodyguardx.com.



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