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The Logo Creator

Review by Manuel De La Paz, Sales, LaserTeQ Systems.

The Logo CreatorHere I go again telling you a lot of our secrets on how we make web pages.  We hand draw the concept and the supposed content on a large drawing board.  Then we figure out how the template should be organized.  Then we gather all the graphics in one file and the content in another.  Last we put it all together.

The process of gathering graphics, banners, ads, making them unique  and creating logos would take us days.  Photoshop is great but it took so long.  Then one day someone brought in Logo Creator.  I tried it and thought it is limited because the images were limited.  There didn't seem to be anything new.  All the logos started looking alike.  Then the friend that wanted me to try out this software gave me a hard drive loaded with images he created on Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint Shop Pro.  Then he told me to use the "Canvas Dimension" settings under the "Modify" button. 

I was in Heaven. I set it to the dimensions of a Xsite Pro Header we wanted to replace, 728x121.  With the images I was given I made a whole new header graphic in minutes.  I even used a photo and put a transparency over it with a color code that matched the site.  Put in fonts, sparkles and some extras in no time at all.  Only one person in the office uses Photoshop.  We have her making the extra images we want (that laughing bird doesn't have with the software) and then we import it into Logo Creator.

Using it to Make Just Logos Is Cheating Yourself.  Without opening a bulky software we quickly and easily created banner ads, headers, side bars, images for a slide presentation.  The images for slides we have used with Powerpoint, Camtasia and so many other programs.  This neat and simple software allows you to make shadows on text and product images.  You can get business photos and rotate them or make them transparent.  You can use gradients or photos for buttons, menus, lettering or backgrounds.  The possibility is endless.

They Sell Many Different Packages.  We got the Corporation and started making our own business cards and stationary.  So we didn't get the other packages.  The company is missing the boat by just not selling you more images as an upgrade.  This software just about does everything and faster than a jackrabbit.

I had to get the link below so you can try these packages yourself and tell me if you don't agree with me on how valuable it really is in creating websites.  I think you really could run a successful business like they say in their ads, with this being the only graphic software on all your computers.

Laughingbird Software's The Logo Creator v5.0 Click on the Image.



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