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Adsense How to:

Contributor:  Manuel De La Paz, LaserTeQ Systems

How to Adsense?

If you are one of those people that is scratching his head wondering how to make Google Adsense work you are not alone.  You are in a very crowded room with millions of Internet Business people.  I see thousands of people quietly making money with just Google Ads and Affiliate Links.  I never could make that much money on these sites but there are certain ones who everyday keep putting up more sites to insure their business success and bring in a continuous revenue stream. In fact there are more books about Adsense and making it work than any other topic.

Businesses have discovered that the very same skill you need to make Adsense work are the very skills you need to bring in customers to your website no matter what you are selling.  So everyone on the web has to learn all the basics of marketing, including Adsense in order to survive.  It is one thing to get a site up with your Adsense website and publisher ID from Google, then another to actually get people to want to come to your site and click on your Adsense Ad.  If you don't have anything to draw them to the site they won't come.  If they don't come you won't make any money.  Imagine a quiet evening where nothing is moving not even the air.  All you hear are crickets chirping in the background.  Now imagine that is your website.

Cheer up.  Fortunately there are things you can do in order to make your website into a constantly moving, bustling, mini-mall.  Imagine happy buyers coming in and out all day long.  So what can you do?  Start studying.  Learn the marketing game.  Become a student of Adsense and Traffic Building.  Learning how to bring in traffic and marketing are all tied together.  Start thinking of new ways to actually entertain visitors.  Write new and fresh content for your site.  If you can't write content set up a blog or buy content from those who are churning it out because that is what Google thinks your customers want.  So get busy and learn how to play the game.  To that end I have put up some Google links below so you can start reading up how Adsense works and how Google wants you to play.

Adsense Tour: http://www.google.com/services/adsense_tour/
Adsense Support Pages: https://www.google.com/support/adsense
Adsense Glossary: https://www.google.com/adsense/glossary

We also have some Special Offers floating around on this site where you can buy ebooks, videos or ready made websites to get you started out using Adsense to make money.  If you joined our VIP Newsletter you will also get offers for tutorials on those emails as well.  We hope that you will find success by using our services and something that you can use from our articles.


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