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Getting Started Videos

We do not have any videos of our own to show.  So in theme with our motto of marketing on the cheap I have just borrowed some video from YouTube.comYou can do the same thing in your marketing efforts as well.  Make sure you try to borrow some videos with a high amount of viewers.  I didn't necessarily view that as a high criteria here.  This is a secret lot of people have paid money for.  You are just borrowing some traffic from other sites.  Here we just want to show you how easy it is to register a Domain name


On our site we are half the price as the example used in the video.  Our software gives you complete control of your name.  In fact we can get a site on the web in one hour of purchasing the domain name.  So ignore that part of the video.  Our site offers you plenty of communications when site is expiring not like some site that are scamming people out of their names.  You will have a trustworthy registrar along with a GoDaddy like website script to manage all your domains properly.  Get high quality service at a low price with www.DomainZstore.com.  With the software we use there are no waits, immediate change responses are common (no more than a 10 minute wait for a DNS change if not within seconds), quick transfers and so much more.  Check out the video.  Then check out our store for better prices.

 Domain Name & Search Engine Marketing

Pick a Good Name.

Here is a video showing you the importance of picking a name with keywords in them.  You can copy the same thing and get a good start in ranking high on Google. In fact some people buy a lot of keyword sites and just put links to the site they really want traffice to.  Still others buy old domain names that have some traffic and put their links on it to steal some traffic.  This is all legal methods of grabbing traffic.  With our software at DomainZstore it is easy to keep control of all your backlinks and parasite hosting names.

Network Solutions V.P. In the News

Stephanie from Network Solutions gives the beginner online marketer some really useful tips.  She gives credibility to what we have been sharing with our customers.  I found her pleasant to watch as well so I had to include her on this page.  She covers these topics in her interview.

  • Good Contents
  • Links
  • Title Tags and Meta Tags.

How to Rule Google

I don't know much about the guy that made this video but I thought it was well done.  Has good info.  If I like the others I will include more.  I did try to reach the author at his listed site and it had been suspended.  I hope it was suspended because he couldn't handle the visitors.  We will see.








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