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High To Get A High Listing On Google.

How Do I Do It?

How Do I Do It?  It is all in the name to capture the local market.

More traffic. More customers. More Money.  Yes it is that easy.  It isn't rocket science to figure out how to get a top listing on Google.  The problem is when you are competing with thousands or even millions all doing the same thing.  Someone has to be at the bottom.

Many marketers have made this into an art.  They have analyzed and analyzed how to beat out everyone else.  Testing does have its place in marketing and is effective.  Yet this doesn't mean the little marketer doesn't have a chance.  All he has to do is look at the search pages on Google and think about what he can do to get a high listing.  One must keep constantly improving his site and get the most going for himself that he can. There are so many things that one can do and we will cover these things in future articles.  Right now we want to show you how to get a high ranking on Google right now.

I can Guarantee you a high ranking now.  So do many professional marketersHow do they do it?  Remember I told you it is not rocket science.  You might even think it borders on a scam but you need to get anything you can going for your business.  What I can do is get you a high ranking in Google for your local business listing.  This doesn't always work for cities like New York and Los Angeles.  The simple reason is that you are back to competing with millions.

It is all in the name.  I can guarantee you a top local Google listing by choosing a Url with your city in it.  Say you are a widget maker.  You live in Yuma, Colorado.  All I have to do is buy the name "YumaColoradoWidgets.com" or something similar.  Then when someone searches for Yuma businesses guess where Google will put you on their page.  You will most likely be right on the first page.  All I have to do is screen capture the page and show everyone how I got you a top Google listing in 2 weeks.  I guaranteed it and I got that ranking just for you.  Of course if I put widgets in the search no telling where you will be listed. 

So choose your name carefully.  On our DomainZstore website we help you to find different names with automatic suggestions.  That way if "YumaColoradoWidgets.com" is taken it will give you a bunch of suggestions that will give you a high ranking.

The fact is if you can't get a major ranking on Google a local ranking is still very good. More and more people are using their computers to find local businesses. Think about the last time you used the computer to find a local business and the last time you used The Yellow Pages. Are the Yellow Pages Dead?  Could be but as a local business you need to take advantage of this and get a website with the right name up and running. If you don't your competitor will.


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