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There are many ways to get website traffic.  The major number one method is submit it to all the search engines.  We are listing some the major ones here for your convenience.

Major Search Engines

Google AltaVista Yahoo Alexa AllTheWeb
AOL Euroseek Exactseek Excite Inktomi
Kanoodle Lycos Moteurderecherche National Directory SearchIt
Teoma What-U-Seek DMOZ    


Site Submission Software.

There are a lot of Site Submission softwares out there.  You can test drive some if you wish and test it to see if it is doing what it says it will do. We don't use these personally because they are limited in what they say they are going to do. The majority of these we do not recommend.

Site Submission Services.

We stay away from these because most of these services just want to make a quick buck.  Like the software they are limited in the categories you can submit your site in.  You want to get qualified buyers and most of these do not give you enough categories to reach the specific audience you want to drive to your site. They charge between $20-$$79.00 a month. 

Professional Backlink and Article Services.

There are some good services that will get you traffic by getting backlinks for you and submitting your site to search engines.  Some will write a couple of articles a month and submit them for you.  These services are usually very good but cost.  Expect to pay $150-$500 dollars a month depending on what they do for you.  Just make sure you have a quality service that will do what they say and not a service out for the quick buck.  The top dollar services only handle so many clients on a subscription basis.  Some are from overseas but are always well spoken of and have a lot of references.  You may have to be on a waiting list until someone cancels their service.  Please make sure it is a legitimate service.  Use only those that come recommended to you by someone you trust or at least get their references and actually call these customers.



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