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Free Web 2.0 Templates

 People want templates that jump out and make you want to say "Wow!"

So with that in mind we made four templates here ready to be edited. We started out with some basic greys so you can add a dash of color to make your page jump out.

This way you can get your business name (Url) from us and immediately put up a page with our stunning Web 2.0 templates.


World In Hand Template WorldHandTemlate

These templates were packaged with XsitePro2, Expressions, Front Page and Dreamweaver in mind. Of course you can use any Html editor to put your info and content in. On some of the backgrounds themselves we tried to make them look like reflection pools so that your website will appear to lay inside them. Then some of the headers were meant to grab your visitors attention with the gorgeous graphics. Sites are selling templates with far less than these templates for a lot of money.  We are giving you so much more for free. All you have to do is eliminate the features you don't need. So download your site now and get it up in mere minutes. All we ask is that you keep our link at the bottom or on the front page.


 Sun Dot Template SunDotTemplate

These sites were designed with expansion in mind. We added the extra pages and a Google site map built in. So this is Google ready. You will need to add your keywords. We love the start ups so if you just need some very small customization and content added we may be able to help you (if you are new to setting up a website). All we ask is 5 links to your links page (which we could set up for you) for minor work. Just send us an email of what you need and the template you are working with. If it is more time than we can give you we will let you know right away. Just email: Manuel@DomainZstore.com.

Gray Sun Template

Grey Sun Template. The Background Margin is the only difference between this Template and the Sun Dot Template above.


Our small customization service is free.  If you need more than the small free service we can loan you one of our designers. We charge a small fee of $49 an hour to our loyal customers who use the ready made templates we have. Believe me it doesn't take very long to add graphics or custom headers if you already know what you want. When customers give us their content it is just a matter of uploading the info. Usually our people do most of these sites in less than 1.5 hrs. When most of the work is already done with the templates it is very fast and quick to get your site up. We have got a lot of business card sites and non profit sites up and running in 35 minutes or less.

Black Lite Template

Black Lite Template.  One of our most stunning creations.  This one has been a top choice for many sales pages.  Why did we put it up the best for free?  To show you nothing is to good for our customers.  We are not going to put out garbage and ask you to buy the upgrade. 


You can customize the Templates yourself. You can insert your own headers by using the Html code to insert a 700 w x 185 H image for the header. Then a 700 w x 134 H image for the footer. Make one sales page by removing the other pages, links and site menu. Google doesn't really look at graphics and the layout of the page so this site already was optimized for search engines with the site map, links and keyword layout.  If it is more than you need just remove some of the extra features.

We do ask that you sign up for our "TeQ" Newsletter and keep a link to this site on the front page. That way when we find the template we know you have the right to use it by your registered email. If you want to remove the link you can purchase a license for all 4 templates for $27.00. This license is for Master Resell Rights. You cannot claim ownership, remove links or give away the templates as your own without this license.

Purchase Link Free License.  

We have some more stunning templates that we will put up for free. Our plan is to have a huge catalogue that will allow our customers to put up great looking websites in minutes.

We also have Xsite Pro Templates for sale. You can create hundreds of Niche sites in minutes. We also have them in other formats so you can find the one that fits you. Until we can get them online we do have a pdf catalogue of these sites for our offline customers. You can request one by email. Write to manuel@domainzstore   . Request the Ready made Niche Website Catalogue.

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