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Comcast Cable-Bad for Business?

Comcast Cable does provide a good service at a low price.  In fact we love Comcast for what they are trying to do.  Some people do hate the way they pick up new accounts.  They offer you low packaged prices for six months or more, then after the trial period they raise it back up to the price it should be.  This is just a marketing reality and even then we don't fault them for that.

To offset the feeling of being shanghaied that you might get later, Comcast offers you so many other free packages that you may feel you are better off sticking with them.  You get the Anti-virus software, Online email and numerous products that make being online enjoyable.  Needless to say their tech support does try even though at times they may not be trained in the problem you need solved.

Case in point.  I kept changing my password and then I could suddenly no longer sign back into my email account.  I kept telling them that something was wrong with their sign in page.  They kept telling me to go back in and click "Forgot Password" and get a new password.  I would tell them I did that 10 times through gritted teeth and growing impatience.  "Sir the fault has to be at your end" they would tell me as steam was starting to come off my forehead.  It took months to figure out the problem.  The new password you create has to be 6-12 letters and numbers long.  The new passwords were cut off at 12.  Once I entered just the twelve letters- I got in.  It took one technician awhile to figure out the problem but it was solved.  Why did it take months of calling to solve?  I don't know.  I hope now they repeat on their website everywhere that you can only enter so many letters.  The instructions need to follow every page.  Thanks to my bombastic approach to Web 2.0 you now have detailed instructions on how to avoid a similar mistake.  Your welcome.

What is Wrong with Comcast?  The only problem I have with them is the way they take you to other websites when they stop looking for the url you entered.  Sometimes you never get to the site you want to visit.  You get an error page with suggested other websites you can choose from.  Listen up all those who have webstores.  Do you ever get emails from people that say they cannot find your store?  We get emails saying that we are offline all the time.  I just ask them who is your provider?  The answer is always Comcast.  So we have tried other computers with Comcast Cable and could not get certain websites as well.  The results are always the same with all Comcast customers.  It may take typing in the Url to the site you want to go to up to four times.  You cannot just click reload-no Comcast has seen fit to give you an error page with other links you can click.  This takes customers away from the site they originally wanted to visit.  Your site.  You just lost a paying customer.  They think now you run a rinky dink operation because it looked like your site was offline.

Does Writing to Comcast Help?  We have done so numerous times and have received no communications or explanations from them.  What we got were some very nice autoresponder communiques.  They were very sweet and nice explaining how my information was going to go on record so they can look into the problem.  These people are so nice I wanted to give my daughters to them.  I enjoy their replies.  Such great people and so nice to work with.  The problem is I still get emails telling me that some of our sites are offline.  It seems to be just on certain servers we use to host our sites.  Comcast seems to have a hard time finding certain sites.  I called our tech support and they explained how Comcast's approach to the internet is the problem.

This seems to be nothing new.  My tech support knew about it all the time.  So if everyone knows why is this still a problem?  Why doesn't Comcast do something about it?  Why isn't their competition making commercials how Comcast is so fast they pass your business site up quickly and take your customers to a competitor?  They could show one clip of a boy entering a Url only to get an error page.  He then has to keep reentering the same Url by hand to try and get that page.  Next clip have him be a very old man and upon entering the site he yells, "I'm in!  Alright.  Now I want to go into the store.  I click here...Oh! (expletive)"  You see him get an error page that his site is offline or cannot be found.  You then see him having to start the same process all over again.

Sounds funny doesn't it?  Yet that is what is happening to millions of Comcast customers all over the States.  It is a great company and service but please fix the problem.  Everyone is talking about the problem but no one is saying much of anything.  One marketing expert told me that Comcast will never fix the problem.  I was told to just change providers.  Is that true Comcast?  If anyone knows of the problem please join us in the blog.  (ww.domainzblog.com)  Maybe you can shed some light on the problem.  We would certainly appreciate any comments from Comcast.  (No legal threats please- they will be assimulated.) We still love you baby!

What do I have against Comcast?

As it stands right now Comcast seems to be bad for business.  When people cannot find your site Comcast takes you to your competitors on their linked error page.  Plus you now have an image problem with your customers.  Please Comcast we ask you to fix the problem.


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