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Review by Manuel De La Paz, Sales Manager, Domainzstore.com

I was where many of you are today.  I knew there was a living to be made of the internet but how was I even going to get started.  I bought a web host account and then the fun started.  I would work very hard on a site and then it would all come to a stop because I couldn't find how to do one thing.  Days later a tech answered my question and the fun started out again until the next problem I hit.  Sound familiar.  No wonder the influx of videos that are hitting the market are selling like crazy.

Marketers see a problem and find a way to make money off of it.  This is a prime example, now we can get the training we need easily thanks to this quick acting marketer.  If you are going to be a marketer learn from other marketers like these. 

Get Your Neccessary Training Right now.  It is one thing to come to our site, DomainZstore, and buy your name.  Then another to make the actual site.  You should not have to spend a lot of time creating the site.  All your time needs to be on selling and marketing.  That is where these videos get you up and running quickly.

We have been writing articles on how to start your business on the web but honestly I have to tell you we are getting our info from videos like these.  When you are creating content we have to figure out how to start.  How can we explain what needs to be done to accomplish the task we are covering.  These videos say it all simply and easily.  We get questions all the time on how to do so many things covered in these videos.  It is getting harder for us to answer them all so I decided to put up this review and let you decide if this product is for you.

The Most Common Questions Answered.

"How do I just get started online?"

How to put up a webpage

How to set up an autoresponder

How to FTP and why it is important

What to use to "edit HTML"

How to put audio on their site

How to register a domain

How to get your website "Hosted"

and the list goes on and on...

You have 2 choices when it comes to learning the
"Tech" of the internet:

1. Go and try to figure it out for yourself...

2. Watch these dead-simple easy videos
and get started today!

Click the Link below:

>> http://laserteq.coreyl.hop.clickbank.net

In our webstore much of the information is answered but still people run into road blocks along the way.  For example we ran an article on keyword linking.  Link a keyword on your front page to the exact page where that product is found.  Google notices these links and will increase your rank.  Yet many people have already forgotten how to use the html to do this with the editor they are using.  Or they can't remember the code to make a download link for a product report on their site.  So at times all of us have to go back to our basic training.

These videos offer that basic training.  When I first started out on the internet almost 9 years ago I wrote a newsletter.  At the time I took PLR copy with the most basic explanations for my readers.  We had a lot of experienced geeks who laughed at the copy and threatened if I didn't get more advanced info in the newsletter they would cancel.  True to their word they did.  Yet I find the beginning level of computer operators still has a large amount of people and growing.  In fact so many geeks kept pushing their education so fast that they missed out on a lot.  They are the ones that come back with basic question and say "I forgot how to..."

These videos are made so when you are an advanced webmaster you will want to come back and review them.  Or go back like I do to know how to explain the process in clear terms for others to learn from.

Don't worry about them being to basic.  They already have videos out for even the most advanced webmaster and marketer.  Even check the tutorial section on this site with information from Jermaine Griggs.  This is an example of mixing basic info with advance info that everyone needs.  I am sold on all these videos that are coming out and most likely I will buy them all.

Manuel De La Paz                                                              Sales Manager      


They are building the site out even bigger
right NOW, so you can even ask your
personal questions when you get to the
site and have them answered
in their super-simple:
"how to get up and running fast easy web-tech videos!"

visit: http://laserteq.coreyl.hop.clickbank.net




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