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 We were given a list of 3,000 Free Directories that you could submit to for free.  Out of the first twenty we were left with these below.  This is going to take us awhile to go through this list.  It is very time consuming to try to submit to these lists and find out the site you were submitting on doesn't even work like it should because of a poor set up.  We thought how time consuming and frustrating it was for you to submit to some Directory List that didn't work.  So we decided to take on the project of sifting out the trash in our list. We may need your help in this.

The sites that did not work or were to complicated were put in the trash. Some we found did not ever give us back a reciprocal link even though they said they would. We took these off the list. Some only want to sell you a more expensive Submission Service which we couldn't tell if they really worked.  These were taken off the list. We are also running into some sites that say they have a free submission service as well as a paid submission service.  When we had visited these sites we found out the truth.  They had a paid service (19.95) and a paid service (9.95).  This example was from one service that had enticed us with their Free Submission claim but we literally had hundreds doing the same thing.  A bait and switch theme started to submerge so these sites were eliminated.  It was frustrating to spend time filling out a form only to find there was no free service, only paid ones. 

Originally we were going to print a list of 100 directories but many started following into the categories we mentioned already and we had to dump them.  We wanted to print a Trash Directory List as well so you could be warned not to try these but thought that may anger to many people.  Life is to short to tick off to many people.  Since you are our only concern please be patient and we will get you a good list of 100 in time.  Thank you

Go to this page for some Major Search Engine Submissions.  Please note that some like Inktomi have been bought out.  Thus we removed the link.  So pleas realize the list changes quite often.

Submission Directories

 1RA Free Web Directory
Submit site - SEO directory http://websitespromotiondirectory.com 
Article Submission Sites 
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Email us if you have some good directories we can submit to or if any here listed should be taken back off.  Email Us. 

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