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Autoresponders: News & How to's

The Quotes below are from a new Autoresponder Seminar.

"The most important thing that you can capture from a customer is NOT his money. It's...his personal information"

"If you don't use a sequential follow up system, I
can't imagine that you're going to be very

"When this system came around, it really changed our
lives.  And, it will also change your life.  I don't
care what you're selling."

"Did you ever hear that expression, 'You laugh all the
way to the bank'? Well, we don't even do that anymore,
because the money comes in, and it's automatically sent
into our bank account! We just laugh!"

About this seminar, Jonathan Says:
  "These are totally unique methods. I have not seen
   people reveal how to do this anywhere else. They
   have doubled and tripled our response. They squeeze
   more money out of these prospects."

Jonathan calls AWeber:
   "A systematic process that sucks the maximum amount
   of cash out of each prospect."

 You cannot build it without an Autoresponder.

Direct Marketing is different than Online Marketing.  Some may disagree with that statement.  I think it is a fact.  To me Direct Marketing is a little fickle.  I say this because how I thought was the proper way to market your business with Direct Marketing or Direct Mail was the completely wrong way to market my business.  Fortunately I got help and learned how to do it the right way when I started seeing results. 

Marketing on the web still requires a customer relationship but it is built differently and has to be done automatically for you because you can't do it all.  Believe me when I tell you this.  Learn from the mistakes of others because you don't have time to make them all yourself.  To grow your business properly you need an autoresponder.  Some subscriptions give autoresponder service free to their customers on certain membership sites.  If you are going to continue as a member to these sites then stay on and use the autoresponder.  Hosting sites may have an autoresponder supplied with your service.  Especially if you have a Cpanel control with the service you can automatically reply to any emails sent to you. After awhile you may find this to be limiting how you want to respond to different actions. 

Then you have the services the Big Boys use.  Accounts like Aweber allow you to reply to an email and then follow up seven times with different information every day or every week.  This happens hundreds of times for you until the sale is made or you motivate the customer to take some kind of action.  You can also automatically send out newsletters.  This allows you to make several newsletters at one time and then schedule the days they will be sent out.

You have probably bought a download and after payment a download link was sent to you by an autoresponder.  This makes for happy customers and the money is automatically put into your account.  Can you see how this allows you more time to put the work where it really belongs.  In the marketing.

The fact is you cannot build a proper client list without some form of autoreponder.  If starting out use the autoresponder you get with your hosting.  When you get larger search out an autoresponder that does everything you need.  That will mean handling squeeze pages, pop ups, downloads, delivering newsletters and responding to the many different requests a customer might make.  Doing this you provide the customer with interaction.  A relationship is developing whether you know it or not.  Then your email list really belongs to you. They want to hear what you have next to offer.

That is why I tell people when you buy a list you are buying nothing.  They are not yours.  When you create your list with your autoresponder that list is worth a million dollars.  Just watch it grow and see if your earning power doesn't increase with it's size.  Even then you have to experiment and coddle the list.  So you need to grow and understand what each list needs and what they want.  You will find enjoyment by doing that as well.

I learned how autoresponders worked by reading everything I could find.  This link I included below was always very helpful to me.  So I included the live feed below.  I hope you find the information beneficial as well.  It changes all the time so keep coming back.


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