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Sectional Targeting


What is Sectional Targeting? Google has taken a lot of time to understand the average consumer. If he types in "Mercedes-Benz" the search engine brings up everything it can because it doesn't know what the consumer is looking for.  He or she could be looking for keychains or the care of leather seats in a Mercedes-Benz.  Then on the other hand you as a blog or website owner can help Google and the customer find what they want from your Adsense ads.  If the customer likes what they see at your site they may click the ads and you have money in your wallet.

So how to start.  We have listed most of the target sites that Google has set up with this information below.  Basically how you target is by going to your blog and use target sectioning in your actual pages.  Say you do have an article on leather care for a Mercedes-Benz in its pages.  Google doesn't automatically throw up ads on Mercesed-Benz leathercare.  What if there is a blog before it on how your child missed the school bus so you drove her to school.  Now Google Adsense becomes confused.  If you want it to pick up on just leather care you must then use section targeting to tell Google Adsense that the school bus article bears no weight.  Once you do that you will then have ads on leathercare.  Provided you have no other sections that Google will be taking keywords from to determine the ads they send you.  So check your page carefully.  You can tell Google what is the most important section they should be targeting.

All of this is explained in the resources quoted below.  In the near future we will try to have a more detailed explanation of Sectional Targeting.  I hope there is enough here to get you started on earning more money from your Adsense Ads.

Google Adsense Information  Resources

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-Manuel De La Paz



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