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$3,000 Dollars In FREE Software?


Can you save money in start up costs for your new business?

You bet you can.  If you listen to the gurus on the Internet you need great graphics, video, articles and web pages to get ahead marketing on the internet.  If you go out and buy the software you can easily add $3,000 to your start up costs before you ever sell anything.

It is nice to have video software to customize a movie clip to add onto YouTube but it is not neccessary to pay a lot of money.  One can take advantage of the new Pay Per Click format on YouTube by buying a simple software like "CamStudio".  The main thing to remember is to watermark your video so they can go to your site where you have the offer running.  You also want to make a clear call to action at the end of the video whether it is to buy or just go to your site. Check out www.Simply-EZ.com for a designers package of this low cost software.

Do you need the image editing capabilities of Adobe Photoshop?  We offer for your consideration KompoZer.

Do you want to create vector graphics like Adobe Illustrator? 

Do the website creation abilities of Adobe Dreamweaver make your mouth water?

How about the ability to make 3D renderings and animations?  Want to set up video for your own Internet TV?

There are dozens of open source software that you can download now and get your business going.  These are not cheap quality pieces of software.  In fact they are so similar to the commercial pieces that when you are making money you can easily start using the commercial software without much of a learning curve.  In fact some of the free software has it's own fan base.  These supporters of the software have even created their own tutorials on YouTube.  You can go there and do a search to see what has been done with the software and learn so secret tips at the same time.

You can find much of this software my doing a Google Search for it?  We will try to get some links up for you in the near future, but our main purpose of this article is to make you aware of what is out there.  Most is free and some can be purchased at a very low price.  Some of these you may have seen bundled in Master Resell Rights Packages.  Yes they do work and will help you get your business off the ground.  So here is our list of Web Design Software that you can get for free or at a low price.


A winzip and Winrar alternative.  No license costs.


Web brower and editing tool.  The evolution of the web browser and authoring tool now will edit html, CSS, XML, XHTML, SVG and more.


Adobe Dreamwaver, MS Frontpage, Adobe GoLiveCS2 alternative.  This is a web creation software that also has FTP features for downloading and sychronizing.  Great features and cross platform compatible.

Art of Illusion.

3D Modelling and Rendering Studio.  Usable on any Java virtual Machine.  It is stable enough to use on any serious high end animation project.  Many of it's features rival commercial programs.


Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe Audition 3 alternative.  Easy to use recorder and audio editing software.  Record live audio or digitize your old vinyl records, cassettes, or minidiscs.  Dub over existing tracks.  Record up to 16 channels.  Import sound files, edit them and combine them with other recordings or files.  Saves in many common formats.  A complete sound studio on your computer.


Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Final Cut Pro 5, MS MovieMaker alternative. This is a graphical tool to edit videos.  The most common codecs are supported. Video can be edited, cut, filtered (resized, cropped, remove noise) and re-encoded to MPEG, AVI, (MPEG4).  Create some professional movies without the cost.


Autodesk Maya 8, Autodesk 3ds Max 9, Pixar renderMan alternative.  Used for modeling, testuring, rigging, skinning, animating and more.  Create interactive 3D applications.  Put a search Blender up on YouTube to see some of the videos the users of Blender have put up online.  You can start a lucrative career for yourself by training on this software.


Diagramming software.  Create flowsharts, network diagrams, circuit diagrams and more.

DVD Styler.

Adobe Encore Alternative.  Cross-platform DVD authoring application so you can create professional looking DVD's.  Create menus with copy and paste.  Drag and drop Mpegs.  Use images for you background.  Place text anywhere on the screen.  Enables you to watermark your business videos to bring customers back to your website.  There is are a lot more features in this puppy.  You will want a copy.


Adobe Acrobat 7 alternative. 


Panorama Imaging Software.  Take 4 landscape pictures and stitch them together for some eye popping views.  Many advanced features.


Stores passwords, usernames and more.


This software supports CSS, XML, and Javascript.  If you have used Dreamweaver you will be comfortable with the WYSIWIG editing feature.  It also supports html coding, templates, forms, tables and working on multiple pages.  Very easy to use.


3D Animation Program. 

OxygenOffice Suite.

Microsoft Office Professional alterntive.  Previously known as OpenOffice.org. Premium is a enhancement of OpenOffice.  Has many extras.  2,900 graphics.  Clip art, photos, templates are included.  Many extra tools can be added to it.  User's Manual for beginners will get you off on a business career.

Smith 1.0

Adobe Coldfusion alternative.

Synfig Studio.

Adobe Flash Alternative.  Powerful vector based 2D animation is possible with this software.  Produces feature film quality animation.  Animation is usually very expensive but if this is the field you want get this software.  You do not have to manually tweening each frame.  Check it out.


Adobe After Effects 7.0 alternative.  Video editing, effects, paint and design, animation, create music like a pro and more features are made possible by this open source software.


A Adobe Illustrator and FreeHand alternative.  It has many features like the paint bucket tool to fill in colors.  It imports formats like EPS, PostScript, Jpeg, PNG, BMP and TIFF.  It will export PNG as will.  It uses the World Wide Web Consortium's scalable vector graphics format (SVG).  Includes basic features like gradients, text, clones, alpha blending and so much more.

Freemind 0.8.0

A mind mapping software with many features. 


Adobe Photoshop alternative. The menu structure closely matches that of Photoshop.  Even some of the tutorials for Photoshop can be used to help you get started with this software.  This is a good source to start creating beautiful graphics and headers for your websites.

PDF Creator.

Adobe Acrobat Professional alternative. Works great in most windows programs.  Vista users may have to follow special procedures found on the website.  Though I have it on mine and it seems to be running without any problems.  You can create more than Pdf's with this software.  Create PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PCX, PS, EPS images and more.


Macromedia Captive 2, Camtasia Studio 3.1.2 alternative.  CamStudio is a screencasting software for widows.  This works well in Windows XP.  Audio quality may be poor in Window's Vista.


Adobe Indesign CS2, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkExpress 7 alternative.  This software has a lot of features comparable to Adobe PageMaker, QuarkExpress, Adobe Indesign but cannot read or write files made from these commercial software.  The creators were afraid of risking legal action from these makers by reverse engineering these features.  Still you can print and publish small newspapers, brochures, posters, and books.



Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Final Cut Pro 5, MS Movie Maker alternative.  This is a video and vidio editing software for windows created by Avery Lee.  Used originally to compress anime videos.

It now comes with many advance features.  You can use plugins to add different video techniquess.  This will also convert your cameras M-JPEG format so you can use it with other programs like Vegas 6.0 & 7.0.

VLC Media Player.

CyberLink Power DVD 7, WinAmp 5.24, InterVideo WinDVD alternative.  I have used this software for years.  They keep adding more features to it all the time.  It will even repair some broken videos and play them.  It sometimes plays videos that the others cannot.  As far as I am concerned every computer should have this software on it.  Google has taken some searchers to sites where you have to pay to get this software.  If that happens to you close the site and got to www.vlc.org.  If you give any money donate to this organization instead.



Screen Capture Program. 


Please send us any recommendations for free software.  We will locate the links and put them up as well.


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